Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Law and Practice

The standard reference on
Oklahoma Automobile Insurance Law

Written by Brad Smith, Tulsa attorney.

An in-depth reference and tutorial for the practicing attorney or insurance professional faced with unraveling the mysteries of Oklahoma automobile insurance coverage. Invaluable help for the professional or beginner.

  •  Original volume published in 1996: 680 pages (approx.)
  • 2012 SUPPLEMENT: 195 pages (approx.)
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  • Hundreds of pages of detailed text and updates.
  • Covers basic insurance concepts, interpretation, definitions, conditions, and claims handling, liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and property coverages.
  • Kept up to date with regular supplements.
  • Plaintiff/Insured’s counsel: discover new coverage possibilities; save valuable research time; an invaluable “equalizer” for the general practitioner.
  • Defense counsel: a handy desk reference for that quick question;replaces all those folders full of cases pulled from the Bar Journal.
  • Insurance professional: a great learning and teaching tool for the claims office; avoid “bad faith” claims.
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